Warm Me Up!
Warm Me Up!
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Warm Me Up!
Warm Me Up!

Warm Me Up! is the most comprehensive and varied vocal warm up tool available to today's singer.

Tailored to your voice type, there are 50 vocal warm up exercises split over five different categories, specifically designed to guide you through a warm up that gradually eases your voice into its full range.

Warm Me Up! will create a unique warm up for you. It can generate a warm up based on how much time you have available or you can browse the individual tracks and create your own warm up as you desire. The exercises are recorded in high quality audio. A lush baby grand accompanies you through each exercise and a professional singer guides you through the first two repeats of each. On screen, each exercise is accompanied by suggestions and instructions to help you get the most out of each exercise.

The Warm Me Up! team (Luke Hunter, Vicky Jacobs and David Young) have warmed up professional singers in Australia, the USA, New Zealand, and England. They are professional vocalists, singing teachers, and musical directors. They have warmed up the casts of many mega musicals including Jersey Boys, Xanadu, Wicked, Mamma Mia, and Les Mis. They have warmed up corporate and recreational Glee Clubs, pop singers, opera stars, and choirs.

Warm Me Up! is specifically designed to be used by both the amateur and professional singer, and can be used to warm up a soloist or larger group. And it's a fantastic resource for singing teachers and choir directors who can warm up their ensemble away from the keyboard.

In the studio, backstage at the concert, in the corridors or in the car on the way to the audition... now you can warm up professionally... anywhere.


We've been getting some great reviews for Warm Me Up! recently. Check out the links below.

AussieTheatre.com - "I would definitely recommend this app to anyone with an iPhone who warms up on a regular basis."

Choir Manager Blog - "So far I have used the App at home and in the car: it works very well and is a lot of fun... Money well spent."



Gentle Start


Getting Warmer

Waltzing Vowels

Extending The Range

Curly Scales

Mouth Workout

Bigger Better Best

Tuned Up

Fingal's Cave

Screen Shots

Home Screen

Exercise Categories


An Exercise Playing


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